Wraparound South is a literary parlor for lovers of literature, a leisure stop for those who enjoy both traditional and innovative genres.

Wraparound South seeks literature that wows, literature that stimulates the senses, literature that makes us think, literature that remains in the mind long after reading.  We welcome all styles and genres from authors all over the world, but we especially invite works that offer fresh perspectives on life in the Southern United States. The South has long been considered a geographic area where language and story play a dominant role in the culture, but Southern culture is not fixed; it is shifting with the times, at once confirming and blatantly defying those same cultural markers that made it so prominent and recognizable in the past.

We chose the name Wraparound South to encourage our readers to imagine a complex literary South, one that may on the one hand reminisce on the wide wraparound porches of the ante-bellum homes that grace the coastal Georgia landscape, places where neighbors gathered to share stories and to cool off from the heat, but one that also suggests a multi-faceted, broad view, a wraparound view, not only of the changing South, which includes a multitude of global influxes, but also of our contemporary literary landscape as a whole. Therefore, we invite and welcome works that are current and relevant to our socio-political, global reality.

We only publish the finest literary works through a competitive selection process guided by our experienced team of professional editors.

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